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Below are a sampling of various materials and topics you can expect to be covered as a client of IAMS Wealth Management.

​ Our advisors are highly experienced in the areas of financial planning, investments, insurance, and more. With your best interests in mind, we're prepared to help build a financial blueprint designed around your specific goals and objectives. ​

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The Benefits of Working
with an Investment Advisor
Whether we are helping you plan for your retirement or save for your children’s education, YOUR objectives are OUR objectives.
IAMS Wealth Management
Trifold Brochure
You have a relationship with your advisor. Your advisor has a relationship with IAMS Wealth Management.
5 Big Threats
to a Secure Retirement
As you approach retirement, we will help you shift from asset accumulation and growth to wealth preservation and guaranteed income.
Strategies for a Volatile Market
In times of crisis, many people tend to overreact and sometimes do not make the best decisions. During volatile markets, it might be best to revisit your plan.
The Truth About Investment Fees
Do you really know what you are getting for the fees, loads and charges you are paying for? Let’s look at some of the costs that are associated investments.
What is the Rule of 100?
The Rule of 100 is a tool used by financial professionals to provide you with general guidelines for proper allocation of your retirement and investment assets.
How We Build Portfolios
We believe one size doesn’t fit all when it comes to investing. Your financial advisor will work to understand your unique goals, motivations, and risk tolerance, then diversify your portfolio to help make those goals more attainable.
The Three Ts of Investment Diversification
A portfolio with a mix of the three Ts – taxable, tax-deferred, and tax-free accounts – can help reduce your overall tax burden and protect more of your hard-earned retirement money.
Our Investment Process
No one wants to lose a fortune in the market chasing returns without a plan. IAMS Wealth Management uses this five-step process to help you invest comfortably.
Questions to Ask Your Financial Advisor
Need help finding a financial advisor you trust and enjoy working with? Want to get to know your current advisor better? Use these questions as a guide to making sure you have the right fit.

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