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Investment Management
We provide tailored to you asset management of your investment account(s). Below is a short-list of what this may look like, and if you have questions or would like to see what else is also included within our investment management service – please reach out!
  • Customized Portfolio Tailored to Clients Wants & Needs
  • Access to Private Institutional Money Managers
  • Systemized Portfolio Rebalancing & Trading
  • Alternative Investment Options for High-Net Individuals & Families
Ongoing Planning
This service is best suited for individuals & families that want white-glove advice, help, and implementation from start to finish.
  • Retirement Income Planning
  • Holistic Financial Planning
  • Wealth Transfers & Legacy Planning
  • Cash-Flow & Debt Management
One-time Advice
This service is best suited for DIY individuals & families that want professional help and advice, but would prefer to implement on their own.
  • How to get started on your financial journey
  • Employer Sponsored Retirement Plan Contributions & Allocations
  • Go through your General Questions & Concerns
Additional Services
    Estate Planning
    Trust Services
    Tax Planning
Legal and tax advice is general in nature. You should always consult an attorney or tax professional regarding your specific legal or tax situation. IAMS Wealth Management is not engaged in the practice of law.

The IAMS Investment Process

Your portfolio built around your goals


This is the first and most important step when establishing a portfolio. Without an understanding of your current financial situation and what is important to you, your advisor cannot create a suitable solution for you to achieve your goals.


Your advisor will conduct a thorough risk assessment to determine your appropriate risk level. This understanding will help your advisor customize a solution intended to help you reach your goals while maintaining a risk tolerance you are comfortable with.


Your advisor will provide you with a comprehensive risk analysis of your current portfolio and present side-by-side recommendations that match your risk tolerance and can help achieve your goals.


Your advisor will work closely with IAMS Wealth Management to implement your customized investment strategy. IAMS will execute trades and run various quality checks to ensure that your account is properly implemented and maintained.


Your advisor will conduct ongoing reviews of your account to ensure that your portfolio stays focused on your goals and within your assigned risk tolerance. If your goals or risk tolerance ever change as time goes on, so can your portfolio.

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